(ERUKU WOLE) 12 bars Verse Explanation/Clarification by C-Slake

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I begin with a fun fact (cool story), i wrote this verse in under 20 minutes, without hearing the instrumental. I was in a cab going to Warri, we needed one more person to board before leaving. I was supposed to meet up with my man, Juzt Courage (@Juzt_Courage) and go with him to the studio where we were to record our verses. I suddenly realized I had not even composed my verse so I picked up my phone and wrote a quick 12 (bars). Under 20 minutes. ENJOY

 Lyrical delinquent, say hello to the murker…

  Truth be told, I bang more heads than a metal rocker

  Poisonous with the flows i reach more states than halogens

  The only rapper whose punchlines could neutralise Vicodins

  How can you sleep on me? I’m ten times Modafinil 

  Just to stay fronting on fakes You gotta back the real

  I’m that dud ammunition a lil kick and i’ll blow

  Lord knows, i’m a gale i’ll bury your BAAL flow 

  G-String rappers, be trying hard to touch my shit

  But my shit shits on y’all, that’s some disgusting shit

  Said I was the shit, a state I can’t exist in

  I played y’all cos y’all the shit, guess who’s excreting? ”

The first line is a referral from the track “Killin’ Em” which I did with Jorge D Best and Juzt Courage. If you recollect I began my verse on it with ” I’m Known as the Lyrical Delinquent…” This only serves to re-echo those words. In itself it is a double entendre. The concept of the ‘Lyrical Delinquent’ is quite simple on the face of it. It runs way deeper though but the basic idea is not hidden. It is a sort of oxymoron to put those two words together when you factor in that a delinquent is usually youthful and hence not so wise because of his/her lack of experiences et al. However a lyrical person is supposedly wise and intelligent while also having quite alot of experiences to comment on. How does someone who isn’t even old enough to be wise enough have enough experiences to become lyrical? I’ll explain the deeper meaning in later posts. ‘…say hello to the murker” so i’m introducing myself as that kid that would beat anybody up lyrically.

“TRUTH BE TOLD I BANG MORE HEADS THAN A METAL ROCKER…” FIRST thing you should notice about this line is the fact that I begin by saying the ‘truth’ which is the LAST thing you would expect from a delinquent. I’m twisted that way :D. Have you ever seen a METAL rockstar rock a crowd? (Pun Intended) If u have even heard THAT kind of music you would understand what I mean here. It’s a metaphor that supports my claim to being a lyrical murker. I’m here saying that on a regular, I destroy rapHEADS with my lyricism on tracks just like a Metal Rocker makes HEADBANGING music yadig? LOL. Don’t get carried away mehnnnnn it’s a double entendre AGAIN. YES I love ’em. We all know what it means to BANG. so when I say I BANG MORE HEADS i’m telling you that my lyrical ability fucks with peoples heads/minds because it takes them so long to comprehend what i’m saying and how many meanings each word or phrase actually has. When they are done going round in circles, MINDFUCK!!!!! HELLO BRO, WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CLUE? is what I SAY LOOOOL. Also notice how I put “bang” and “heads” on the same line. SEXUAL!

“POISONOUS WITH THE FLOWS I REACH MORE STATES THAN HALOGENS…” For some reason i’m using a similar metaphor to the one on the last line. If you ever did chemistry you would agree with me that Halogens are poisonous and can exist in the three possible states ‘liquid’, ‘solid’, ‘gas’… Florine  Iodine, Bromine er I know I didnt listen back then in class but I picked this up >_> what do you take me for? so my ‘flows’ r poisinous. Flourine is in the liquid state. FLOWS get it? LOL nevermind that’s just lame! so my flows r poisonous like Halogens and I can get to more states than it/them. You know what that means right? that should be improbable but hey, its C-Slake !!!!!!

“THE ONLY RAPPER WHOSE PUNCHLINES COULD NEUTRALISE VICODINS…” take it vice versa and you have the only rapper whose punchlines couldn’t be neutralised BY vicodins. NOW YOU GET IT! Vicodins are powerful painkillers. very powerful. But when I drop a ‘punch’line, the effect/pain it leaves can’t be stopped by vicodins. MAtter of fact, if I punch u with a line, GO TO BED. Vicodins? Don’t do it bro. it’ll worsen. Notice how this line still strengthens my point about being a lyrical murker. YAY my lines connect….(pause)………….WIFI!!!!!!! LOL

“HOW CAN YOU SLEEP ON ME I’M TEN TIMES MODAFINIL…” Well, Modfinil is a drug also just like vicodins. It has the ability to keep you awake for 40 hours. 10 X 40 = U couldn’t sleep on me even if you tried. I have the ability to ensure that..is what i’m saying here.

“JUST TO STAY FRONTING ON FAKES YOU GOTTA BACK THE REAL…”  Play on ‘front’ and ‘back’…If you want to drive away the fakes in this rap thing, u have to stand behind the real and support them. So after saying I have the ability to make sure you don’t sleep on me, i’m appealing for support because I believe I am one of the real. It’s not always about just ability, without support, an artiste is nothing no matter how good he is.

“I’M THAT DUD AMMUNITION A LIL KICK AND I’LL BLOW…” If you experienced the bomb blast of January 27th 2002 in and around Maryland like I did then you would understand the concept of a dud ammunition. It’s that bomb that is ‘asleep’ but can go off anytime. That ammunition that didn’t go off with it’s friends and some kid sees it on the street and wants to turn it to football and as he hits it, it goes off killing him. YES, this line is a double entendre. On the one hand i’m saying, i have what it takes to blow, all I need is a little kick (support, push) and I would. On the other hand, i’m saying i’m like Ab-Soul; the secret weapon. The one no one really seems to care about. It comes with a warning “DON’T MESS WITH ME”, if you do, i’ll go off on a track and blow you off to pieces. yadig?

“LORD KNOWS, I’M A GALE I’LL BURY YOUR BAAL FLOW…” I remember reading ‘Supa Strikers’ growing up ! Remember when Segun ‘SHEGS’ Okoro came up against the might GALE from ONNE? That’s the first time I ever heard the word ‘gale’. It stuck. First thing you notice is, Lord, Baal. My God is a living God, Baal is a dead god that isn’t even a god. BAAL FLOW…dead flow. So i’ll blow u to pieces (from the previous line) and here is the reason, YOU HAVE A DEAD FLOW,bro. Since your flow is dead, i’ll preside over it’s burial. I’m that strong WIND (gale) that ‘blows’ ( remember i talked out blowing in the last line…you see why I said my lines are the ultimate MINDFUCK?). Also, when a gale comes, it comes with a lot of dust that can bury someone alive. Get it?

“G-STRING RAPPERS, BE TRYING HARD TO TOUCH MY SHIT…” Ewwwwwwwwwwww gross ! i’m not even going to explain this line. it’s too disgusting *spits* If you don’t GET IT, FORGET IT…

“BUT MY SHIT SHITS ON Y’ALL, THAT’S SOME DISGUSTING SHIT…” Still disgusting but not as disgusting as the previous line. Double Entendre, AGAIN! So yeah, all i’m saying is, first, my thing, my music, my stuff, is wayyyyyyyy better than you and everything you can put out. YES, O YE G-STRING RAPPERS! Secondly, the music that I make that I don’t plan to release because I consider it to be ‘shit’, that is rubbish, is still better than you and everything you put out ! haha G-String rappers, I just had to do that, NO BEEF.

“SAID I WAS THE SHIT, A STATE I CAN’T EXIST IN…” HAHA I know what you want to say, on line 3 i’m boasting about reaching more states than are available then here I am contradicting myself saying the state of “shit-dom” is a state I can’t exist in. See I have super-powers, I choose whatever state I wanna exist in. Let’s leave it there hehe. So people have seen me do my thing and said “oh my goodness, C-Slake is the shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I appreciate that but i’m here to put the rumours to rest and state that I AM NOT THE SHIT. i’m even better than that as the next line shows. Meanwhile, this “I am the shit” line has been overused, it’s tiresome. For the second post running I have to hail chief again….Lil Wayne my nigguhhhh! You caused it ! My aim of using four straight lines where ‘shit’ is mentioned six times is to end all this shitty SHIT-nanigans…. i killed it. Yes! THE DEATH OF SHIT. Holla Jay Z! Following in your footsteps !

“I PLAYED Y’ALL COS Y’ALL THE SHIT…GUESS WHO’S EXCRETING ?????????????” Fitting that I end my verse with a question. I was really tempted to say ‘shitting’ instead of ‘excreting’. LOL but overkill is not my thing. i’m a nice guy. So i’m saying I I fooled y’all into thinking that i am merely the shit when i’m so much more. For the answer to the question, I refer you to line 1… The Irony !


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  2. chiamaka says:

    Murder! Cool! Keep it up.

  3. Tony Michele says:

    Boss!!!!…..rap genius personified!…..looool….O:)

  4. RayRay says:

    Madt Man……. My real MENTOR!!!!!! This is the deeepest verse I’ve read! U are mad sha

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